Songbirds Tour to Spain 2024

Malaga, Spain!!

Dear Songbird travelers,

 We are thrilled to announce that we are embarking on a new journey to the beautiful city of Malaga, Spain! Inspired by the rich culture, music, and picturesque landscapes of Andalusia, we believe Malaga offers an unforgettable experience for our  Songbirds! 

Escape to the picturesque coastal paradise of Malaga, Spain, with The Songbirds (The Burns Sisters and Kate Purcell) on an unforgettable musical journey! 

Join us from October 20th to 28th, 2024, as we immerse ourselves in the beauty and charm of Malaga & Fuengirola in Andalusia, Spain.

Highlights of our trip include:

Tours to Seville, Tarifa, and Ronda: Explore the breathtaking beauty and rich history of Seville, the windsurfing capital of Tarifa, and the stunning mountain town of Ronda, offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Picasso Museum: Immerse yourself in the genius of Pablo Picasso at the renowned Picasso Museum, showcasing an extensive collection of his masterpieces.

Flamenco Delights: Experience the passion and intensity of flamenco with captivating dance performances and immersive cultural encounters.

Dinner and Music: Indulge in delightful dinners and enchanting musical evenings hosted by The Songbirds, creating cherished memories with fellow travelers.

Trip Details:  Dates: October 20th - 28th, 2024  Cost: $2500 per person (double occupancy) / $3000 for single occupancy  Included: Breakfasts, dinners, outings & museum visits are included. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the price.

 Payment Schedule: Deposit due by the end of July, remainder by August 28, 2024.

For inquiries and bookings, contact us at

Come create lasting memories with The Songbirds in Malaga - where every note is a melody, and every moment is magic! 

From October 20th to 28th, 2024, we invite you to join us as we immerse ourselves in the beauty and charm of Malaga. Whether you've traveled with us before or are considering your first adventure with Songbirds, we promise an unforgettable experience that will leave you with cherished memories for years to come.

The cost for this trip is $2500 each 

If you want a single room it will be $500 more so, $3000.00


Costs will cover breakfasts,  dinners, outings, museums, etc. 

We don't cover costs for alcohol or lunches. Everything else is included!

Please have deposits in by the end of  July, 2024 and the remainder by August 31, 2024

Warm regards,

The Songbirds: Annie, Marie, and Kate

Songbirds Tourism Contact: Annie Burns 


Annie Burns  435 North Geneva Street Ithaca, NY 14850 Phone: 1-607-280-2513



Malaga, Spain!!

Songbirds Tour to Spain!

The Burns Sisters

Annie and Marie Burns, a captivating musical duo, are renowned for creating uplifting and transcendent music that radiates warmth and conviction. Their harmonies and lyrics are filled with passion and soul, stirring the hearts of listeners. In early 2015, they celebrated the release of their new album, "Looking Back, Our American Irish Souls," a testament to their pure harmony, beautiful lyrics, and joyful energy. 

Born into a progressive, political, musical, and creative family in Binghamton, New York, Annie and Marie are two of twelve siblings who have been singing together since their early childhood. Their mother, Teresa, a cherished local singer and church soloist, and their father, John J Burns, a progressive Kennedy school politician, fostered their love for music and the arts. With several of their siblings also involved in the music, movie, and TV industry as singers, actors, and producers, a passion for creativity runs deep in their family. 

During their high school years and just after, the sisters embarked on individual musical journeys. Marie and Jeannie moved to Florida and started a musical career in San Antonio, where they fell in love with old-time country and bluegrass music. Encouraged by Annie, who had been performing gigs around town, Marie returned from Florida, and the three sisters joined forces. Drawn by the vibrant music scene in Ithaca, New York, they relocated there and began their musical journey as "The Burns Sisters." They wrote, recorded, and released their own songs, launching albums through esteemed labels such as Columbia Records and Rounder Records. Today, Marie and Annie release their music under their independent label, "Sisters Music." Together and individually, they have written and produced approximately 20 CDs. 

Throughout their career, The Burns Sisters have experienced different band configurations. They started as a trio, later expanded to include all five sisters, and released two recordings on Columbia Records. Eventually, they returned to their original trio format and signed with Rounder/Philo Records. A few years ago, Jeannie Burns departed from the band to pursue her musical aspirations in the vibrant Austin music scene. Marie and Annie followed their hearts to Ireland, where they performed at established music festivals in the West of Ireland. During their time there, they delved into their family history and explored the true Irish narrative of the famine and mass migration. This experience compelled and inspired them to write and record their latest project, "Looking Back, Our American Irish Souls." The album, a captivating blend of Celtic and Americana influences, has gained recognition in Ireland, Wales, the UK, Scotland, Canada, and the USA. It was released in 2015. 

The Burns Sisters have graced the stage alongside folk legends such as Arlo Guthrie, Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger, Odetta, and Willie Nelson, leaving their mark from Carnegie Hall to the Grand Ole Opry and even the hills of Northern Thailand and County Clare, Ireland. They have contributed their beautiful backup harmonies to numerous projects and have been featured on television shows, including "ER" and "Holiday High School Reunion." 

Annie's commanding and sensitive voice has been praised by Rosanne Cash, an American singer-songwriter and author, for its bell-like, steady, warm, and heartfelt quality. Renowned writer, music producer, and poet PJ Curtis described their album "Looking Back, Our American Irish Souls" as a truly magnificent and superb piece of work, applauding their flawless vocal performances, moving renditions of classic songs, and exceptional production quality. 

The Burns Sisters continue to inspire audiences worldwide with their heartfelt music, authentic harmonies, and unwavering dedication to their craft. Their timeless sound and captivating performances create a profound connection through the power of music.

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