Looking Back: Our American Irish Souls

The Burns Sisters

Masters of their art do simple things well and on Looking Back, Annie and Marie Burns do that in abundance.”

Gerry Quinn, Irish Examiner, music reviewer.

The Burns Sisters

Annie and Marie Burns as a duo create uplifting, transcendent music filled with warmth and conviction. Stirring and reverent, their passionate, seductive harmonies and lyrics are bursting with spirit and soul.
 The Burns Sisters are renowned for their pure harmony, beautiful lyrics and joyful energy and will celebrate in early 2015 with a new album "Looking Back, Our American Irish Souls"

The Burns Sisters have been through many different configurations over the years. They started as a trio. At one time, all five sisters sang together, but they returned to the original trio. Two years ago, Jeannie Burns left the band to follow her heart westward to the Austin music scene.

Marie and Annie followed their hearts to Ireland where they played established music festivals in the West of Ireland. There, they started to look into their own family history, and to learn the true Irish history of the famine and the great migration. The Sisters were compelled and inspired to write and record their new project "Looking Back, Our American Irish Souls"
The album is gathering attention in Ireland, Wales, UK, Scotland, Canada and here in the USA. It is a "Celtic infused Americana" project and will be on general release in January 2015


" Looking Back Our American Irish Souls, I think it a truly magnificent, quite superb piece of work. Your beautiful voices blend so perfectly, the vocal performances and the playing throughout is perfect too...and so moving...you have injected new life onto some old classics (From Clare To Here, Ned Of The Hill, Free-Born Man, and Too Ra Loo are just excellent versions...and even the sometimes-abused Danny Boy is treated with grace and feeling giving it the dignity it deserves.), and your take on Kilkelly is by far the best version I’ve yet heard. I believe "Workhouse" - given the theme - should be heard by EVERYBODY on this island NOW.... The engineering/ production is as good as it gets." - PJ Curtis - renowned writer, music producer and poet

"A prevailing sense of physical place and ancestral lineage steer this worthy project on a steady course. Couple that with tight-as-a-drum, harmony singing and stellar musicianship to discover an album of dignified beauty. Masters of their art do simple things well and on Looking Back, Annie and Marie Burns do that in abundance.”

Gerry Quinn, Irish Examiner, music reviewer.

The Burns Sisters have shared the stage with many great folk legends, including Arlo Guthie (toured with Arlo for over 5 yrs), Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger, Janis Ian, Odetta, Jimmy LaFave, David Amram, Radoslav Lorkovic, Chris Thile, Fred Eaglesmith, Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irions, Folk Uke, and even the Boston Pops & Binghamton Philharmonic. They have played venues from Carnegie Hall to the Grand Old Opry, from hills of Northern Thailand to the hills of County Clare Ireland. They have graced many a track with their beautiful backup harmonies, on projects too numerous to mention Charlie Louvin(a highlight). The sisters are mainstays at The Woody Guthrie Folk Fest in Okemah, Oklahoma, and will be there this July, 2015, singing their hearts out with songs from their new CD.

Annie and Marie have both had their songs featured on television including "ER" and "Holiday High school Reunion"

The two have produced several solo CDs as well as producing for other artists.

"Annie has a bell-like, steady, warm and heartfelt voice. It is so pleasurable to listen to someone who uses her instrument in such a commanding and sensitive way. -- Rosanne Cash - American singer-songwriter and author

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